Solidarity with Anarchists in Yogyakarta, so-called Indonesia from Narrm / Melbourne (so-called Australia) Anarchists

Banner reads ‘Solidarity with Yogja Comrades

May Day Setiap Hari ( May Day Every Day )’

On May Day in Yogyakarta 69 comrades were arrested. There has since been a huge crackdown involving raids and more arrests based on flimsy evidence. At present there are 11 comrades still locked up in Yogyakarta Police Prison, they are isolated and not allowed any contact with comrades outside.

This has only strengthened the resolve of the comrades to keep up the fight against the feudal system ruling Yogja and the Kraton (palace) of the so called sultan.

There is a fundraising drive to raise money for legal assistance which has been largely local however there is a paypal account here for donations outside Indonsia.

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