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Seek and Destroy Eco-Extremism Everywhere: A Joint Statement of Individualist Network and Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross (Indonesia) Note: Updated edited version.

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” – Beyond Good and Evil Background We know that there is no eco-extremist tendency in Indonesia, although past statements from FAI cells tended to […]

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Indonesia: Trial Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners

Informasi terbaru dari tahanan di Yogyakarta hingga saat ini, mereka dalam keadaan baik-baik saja. Walaupun kawan BV sempat mengalami sesak nafas dan keadaan sekarang mulai membaik. Terkait proses persidangan yang begitu lama, khususnya persidangan kawan BV, AM, dan W, yang dimana pada tanggal 8 November 2018 persidangan sudah masuk pada tahapan persidangan pledoi (pembelaan terdakwa). […]

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Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners Release

Sebagian tahanan Yogyakarta sudah bebas! Berikut adalah beberapa tahanan Yogyakarta yang sudah dibebaskan setelah menjalani sidang dan pembacaan putusan: MD putusan tahanan 5 bulan, bebas 9 Oktober 2018 OO putusan tahanan 5 bulan, bebas 9 Oktober 2018 MI dan MEA putusan tahanan 5 bulan 15 hari, bebas 14 Oktober 2018 ZW dan AMH putusan tahanan […]

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Information “Snitch” Achmad Azwar Darmawan

From: Achmad Azwar Darmawan was one of the people who were arrested during the M1 (May 1st) protest in Yogyakarta. He and three other people were arrested when they escaped to Bogor. They were accused of writing down the anti-monarchy graffiti during the protest, which upset a lot of people. Two people became suspects, […]

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Indonesia: Trial Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners!

We need to explain, that we have difficulty finding information regarding detainees due to separate case files and also different the trial schedules between them and the schedules change of the trial day, but this did not stop us from giving information to you (readers). Since October 6, 2018, we have been striving to get […]

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